Luis Vallés, Art in Enamel

Luis Vallés Awards and Works Traditional craft of Madrid.The chamber of Commerce of Madrid.

Luis Vallés Awards and Works Drawn box. First prize V Competition solo piece. Madrid

Awards and Works

His work has been recognised throughout the years and he has received many prizes and awards.


  • -Special prize, enamel.
    School of Arts and Crafts of Madrid. 1975
  • -1st Prize of Murals.
    Region Militar de Andalucía. 1979
  • -1st Prize.
    Art Exhibition in Getafe. Madrid. 1978
  • -1st Prize for the best design.
    II International Biennale of Enamel. Madrid. 1988
  • -Diploma Traditional Craft of Madrid.
    The Chamber of Commerce of Madrid.
  • -Diploma Master Enamellist.
    Union Crafts. Madrid.1996
  • -1st Prize V Competition Solo Piece.
    Comunidad de Madrid. 1998
Luis Vallés Awards and Works

Mural of fishes. First prize the best design. II International Biennale of Enamel.

Luis Vallés Aureola Virgen de la Almudena

Alo of the Virgin of the Almudena.
Cathedral of Madrid.

Luis Vallés aureola Santiago apostol Catedral de Madrid

Alo of Santiago Apostle.
Cathedral of Madrid.

His works can be seen in several private collections, one of them being her Majesty, Queen Sofía, also the collections of the former President of México, the archbishop of Puerto Rico, and Pope Joan Paul II. He makes works for the Bellas Artes Academy, Junta de Andalucía, Almudena Cathedral of Madrid (he has done several aureoles of great dimensions) and for the most prestigious Spanish jewelleries.